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The Countdown Begins

In exactly six months (and 19 days), Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye will be out in stores! We hope time flies, because we can’t wait to share Warren’s story with you. Not only that, but the final product is going to look amazing – it’ll seriously be one of the most unique middle grade books on shelves!

Some of you might be wondering how this project came to be. It’s funny, because while it’s been quite a whirlwind ever since we pitched to Quirk Books last July, the actual character has been in development for over 10 years!

Will and I attended art school together and after Will created Warren the 13th for a poster design for a class project, I was inspired to write a story based on this ugly looking boy with beautiful hair. We brainstormed ideas and I wrote an early draft of the Warren story (which is vastly different than the story that you’ll be reading in November). Over the years, we tinkered with the plot, added new characters, and even considered adapting it for a comic strip, graphic novel, or show, but the timing and circumstances were never quite right.

Other projects came and went, but Warren always remained in the background. He was a favorite of ours to return to again and again. We always knew we wanted to find a home for him and when Will had a couple of his silhouette books published with Quirk, it struck us that Quirk just might be that home.

We put a pitch together and our hunch was right on – the next thing we knew we were signing a contract with Quirk and were jumping into production! I didn’t even have a complete manuscript when we pitched (the old one was just not going to work). Usually books take a long time to come into being, and it’s somewhat insane that a book as heavily illustrated as this will be hitting shelves so soon after conception – but we knew we were up for the challenge!

As I write this, Will is still finishing up on the illustrations (which are looking amazing, by the way), and ARCs are going to be ready to be handed out at Book Expo America later this month. We’re already brainstorming ideas for Book 2 and beyond. We hope you keep following us on this publishing journey- next up, we hope to reveal the final cover for Book 1 very soon, so stay tuned!


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