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On the Road with Warren

Last October we had the chance to go on a jam-packed weeklong tour of schools across the Midwest and east coast and talk about WARREN THE 13TH.

For our presentation, we shared a little about who we are and where we come from (including some embarrassing pics from our own middle school days!), and we introduced the kids to the world of Warren and the book’s many quirky characters.

Tania read a section from chapter one, and Will showed his behind-the-scenes process for how he creates some of the intricate art within. He also gave the kids a glimpse of the painful process of designing the perfect cover, which is easier said than done! We ended with a Q&A, and were impressed by the questions the kids asked.

We were also impressed by the warm and enthusiastic welcomes we received in every state, as well as the amazing WARREN THE 13TH fan art that hung in the hallways, libraries, and auditoriums of the schools we visited.

Now we’re gearing up to head on another tour. We’re excited to meet more kids in Seattle, North Carolina, Atlanta, Houston, Denver, and California. And it should be twice as fun because this tour will be TWO weeks long and we’ll have double the books to talk about with the release of WARREN THE 13TH AND THE WHISPERING WOODS (which happens to include an evil twin by the name of Worrin).

Double, double, toil, and trouble!